April 30, 2010

from the WTF files

We all know bigger cities – Chicago, NYC, San Francisco – have so much more going on. But do they have a caped, masked crusader? One like The Shadow Hare and the Allegiance of Heroes? And their foes Der Stürmer and ROACH – the Ruthless Organization Against Citizen Heroes?

No, they don’t.

Okay, if you check the Superhero Registry, NYC has a couple.

Dark Guardian, of the Justice Society of Justice (not a typo), is just awesome – “I fight for all that is right and just. I protect the innocent and punish evil... I now only live my life for justice and the betterment of mankind."

Another one, Tothian is great – “I've always known my that my mission in life was to save the world from evil. I've dedicated my entire life to studying and training in the ways of the Warrior...
Because my name is Tothian. And I destroy evil."

But they're not the Shadow Hare.

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