February 18, 2010

Shepard Fairey at the CAC

this is my first post on the new blog, and it's just perfect timing.
Shepard Fairey Supply and Demand opens tomorrow night (2.19) at the Contemporary Arts Center, with him as dj after the "artist talk."

you may not be familiar with his name, i'm sure you remember the Obama poster. he caught a lot of heat for it, AP copyright infringement and all that, but it's an icon that everyone knew, and facebookers copied.

the crazy part is he started with Andre The Giant Has a Posse stickers forever ago using just newspapers, a copier, some markers and glue, and a graffiti mentality. he's kept the mentality, evolving Andre has a Posse to OBEY for his plan of "Urban Renewal." but he's grown beyond just that and developed much more of a socioeconomic and political voice, and definitely developed his artistic abilities.

i've been really into his work for a long time, so i'm gonna do what i can to make it. but i guess if i miss it friday night, i'll just hit it saturday after the ADDYs.

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