February 19, 2010

some awesome photography

Steve Ziegelmeyer is a local photographer who's been spending time at the homeless camps, talking with folks who live there, capturing some truly astounding photos.

the subjects ranging from Timothy, aka Sergeant,a veteran and college student, to Pokemon, a guy so well known and loved, he's got his own fan club.

Steve's really capturing so much in these, this quote just scratches the surface:
The only difference between these portraits and my others is that all the subjects here live on the street. As one homeless man told me, "We are still people."


  1. Thanks for sharing these pix (and many of the comments are interesting, too). They're very powerful and make me appreciate what I've got.


  2. talked to Steve at the ADDYs. he's working with Park & Vine, arranging a show in their 2nd floor gallery, the end of April. all proceeds go to one of the homeless missions.